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The owner and operator of this website is a disabled Mormon attempting to make a living. It is intended to provide content useful to people involved or  interested in home food storage. (New content will be added on an irregular basis. Check back often for the latest postings.) It also features affiliate and advertising links to third party websites offering items for sale which may interest users of this site. I receive a commission on sales made from the affiliate links, which is what makes the site free to you, the user.

At the top of this page you will find a navigation bar. On it you will find links to a legal notice, my content, and my affiliate store. Please read the legal notice carefully, as it contains the terms of use of this website.

The input of my readers is welcome to help come up with useful content. If you have suggestions on the subject of food storage that you would like to share, if you have suggestions on how to improve this site, or if you are a merchant wanting to advertise here, you may e-mail me at suttongerald1@aol.com.

I am hoping to promote this blog by word of mouth so if you approve of my work, you are encouraged to  let your friends and relatives who are interested in food storage know about this website. You will be doing them as well as me a favor. You could also post or tweet about it on Facebook or Twitter and to ask your friends or followers to do the same.

In addition to reading the content, please take the time to review the affiliate offers and any other advertising posted on this site. You are under no obligation to buy anything by clicking on any of the links. In no case will you pay any additional fee as a result of using my links to order anything.

Each affiliate link on this site opens in a new window so that you can get back here by clicking on the red button in the upper right of your browser screen. This will allow you to review and compare multiple offers from this site without having to re-enter the domain name. This is because most of the affiliate links contain redirects, which prevents your back button from working. Some of the offers are from competing companies. If you may be interested in any of their products, you may compare and select the one best suited to you.

I hope you enjoy and derive benefit from using my website.

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